Wedding Makeup Artist Chennai

Hi! This is Noor

Professional Bridal Makeup Artist from Chennai‚

Here is the thing‚ Why should we Makeup?

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever” is a famous saying. Yes‚ indeed how can anyone refrain from enjoying beauty. Then immediately a question arises‚ what is beauty? I hear many of you answering “It is in the eyes of the beholder“. Yes‚ very true.

What is beautiful for one person may not look beautiful for the other person‚ and also this is a comparative term. There are many myths regarding this term ‘Beautiful’. First of all we are misguided by the fantasies and wishful thinking of the poets who condition our mind wrongly as‚ ‘what physical beauty is’.

It is true that some of us are by birth physically luxurious by being blessed with pleasant features‚ favourable skin‚ hair and so on. It is also true that some of us are moderate and in fact physically deprived and even deficient.

Now I want to suggest you all something. Look here‚ by nature‚ by circumstances‚ one can be a victim. Yes‚ sometimes it happens to us. That is what life is all about. Scott peck in his famous book “Road less travelled” writes the very first line as‚ “Life is painful”. Under such situation‚ get up arise and ask loudly ‘so what?’. Then immediately you will find so many options opening up.

Now it is up to you to be a victim or deny to take the ‘role of victim’. This is very important for the ladies when it comes to the term ‘Beautiful’‚ as most of us‚ always carry some ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’‚ to look beautiful.

According to me‚ counting our blessings is the first step to look beautiful. Secondly adoring and highlighting our positives. By this way we shall improve our self confidence and self esteem. Once this is done our inner beauty glows out. Inner beauty and outer beauty are intertwined.

It is very important that we learn to adore‚ enjoy‚ and present our outer beauty. It definitely makes us glow.

My Service

On your wedding day‚ I will arrive at your chosen location‚ allowing plenty of time to ensure you look picture perfect. I will also give professional advice on how to maintain your look so you feel confident and look beautiful all day long. When my work is completed‚ you will be confident about your beauty being captured in images that will last a lifetime.