Noor Wedding Makeup Artist Chennai

About Me

Hi! I am Noor‚ Chennai based Professional Makeup Artist and I mainly focusing on Bridal MakeupCine MakeupCommercial MakeupFashionPortfolio etc.‚

I started my career as a makeup man in the year 1999. I worked under Mr. Ashokan, my guru for 3 years after which I ventured into the world independently .I have worked with JAYA T.V as a make-up artist for newsreaders and with SS Music as a make up artist for VJs for the first four years of my career .

As a registered member of the South Indian Cine Makeup and Hair Stylist Association‚ I have worked for South Indian Movies‚ Fashion Shows‚ Individual Portfolios‚ Television and Print Media.

“Achieving something is not important‚ but it is important to sustain it”.

My work has given me many opportunities to work with well known artists and Talented Photographers in the Iindustry and I have learnt something from each and everyone of them.

I would like to thank God Almighty and Everyone who has helped to make my Dreams come True!!